It's not just asphalt . . . How Harmonite® works.

The unique combination of particle size, surface characteristics, and composite organic/inorganic matrix make Harmonite a versatile, multi-functional, operation-friendly base compound or performance additive that can:

•   Improve current formulations by increasing tack, viscosity, hardness, durability, and shortening cure times depending on application.

•  Reduce or eliminate the consumption of higher cost formulation ingredients such as carbon black, petroleum pitch, Gilsonite®, polymers and tackifying resins.

Harmonite is an asphaltene and resin rich product – a high molecular weight complex mixture in which lighter weight fractions have been driven off due natural oxidative aging and patented high heat processing steps. Asphaltenes have been shown to:
•   Exhibit polymeric behavior
•   Be soluble in aromatics and longer straight-chain hydrocarbons, and insoluble in alcohols and water  
•   Increase viscosity and stiffness, and harden softer petroleum fractions

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how harmonite worksThe organic phase has a very high percentage of polar compounds — resins and asphaltenes. Test data indicates a resin and asphaltene content that is 2.5 times higher than traditionally used commodity asphalt binders.

Polar compounds have been shown to exhibit van der Waals forces and hydrogen bonding, producing polymeric behavior that forms longer chain, intertwined molecules.

The result: increased adhesion and 'tackiness' compared with traditionally used asphalt binders and specialty additives.

Harmonite is a fine powder that is operations-friendly
It flows well at room temperature, mixes readily and can be rolled, brushed, troweled, or sprayed depending on specific application.

Particle shape, size and count play key roles
Like English muffins — lots of nooks and crannies — Harmonite provides significant surface area and sites to aid binding mechanisms: 763 square feet/lb of Harmonite and 979 square feet/lb of Harmonite Plus. Harmonite is comprised of an extremely large number of small particles vs the small number of larger particles. Particle number and volumetric particle size distributions give significantly different distributions and both can play a role depending on application.

Harmonite Product Data   •  Harmonite Plus Product Data Harmonite Safety Data Harmonite Plus Safety Data

Gilsonite® is a registered trademark of the American Gilsonite Company.

Harmonite particle morphology, size distribution and count distribution

how harmonite works

Small particle size means big surface area . . . and better binding!

Just one pound of Harmonite Plus has 979 ft2 of surface area — that, and it's asphaltene chemical properties, gives Harmonite superior binding properties.

That's roughly the surface area of 5,000 baseballs!