Build it better with Harmonite®

In construction applications, Harmonite has demonstrated improved adhesion and tack, increased viscosity and natural waterproofing characteristics that make it an ideal component in many interior and exterior applications, including:

Roofing applications   •   Window and door sealing   •    Flooring underlayments


  • Roofing Applications
  • Window and Door Sealing
  • Flooring Underlayments

roofingIn roofing applications, Harmonite's superior adhesion, tackifier, viscosity and waterproofing characteristics make it an ideal additive for: Hot melt PSA roof seaming tape •Roofing cements and mastics • SBS bitumen-modified rolled roofing membranes • Roll- and spray-applied roofing

Tests of roofing mastics enhanced with Harmonite have indicated increased viscosity while still flowing and spreading easily by trowel. This improves the ability to trowel product on vertical surfaces, speeding up application of the mastic.

In addition, a leading manufacturer of roof and epoxy coatings has tested Harmonite and reported good results for adhesion and corrosion resistance. Harmonite's natural water proofing properties, and its adhesive characteristics make it ideal for roofing applications.

windowIn window and door sealing, Harmonite helps provide a better moisture/air barrier for butyl flashing tape, rubber-based sealants and other coatings.

What makes Harmonite's water proofing and adhesive properties better for window and door sealing applications? Harmonite has a very high percentage of polar compounds — resins and asphaltenes. Test data indicates that Harmonite's resin and asphaltene content is 2.5 times higher than traditionally used asphalt binders. The result: increased adhesion and 'tackiness' compared with traditionally used asphalt binders and specialty additives.

flooringFlooring underlayments —Harmonite improves the performance of PSA membranes for ceramic tile and wood flooring to better prevent tile cracking, to dampen sound and provide a superior moisture barrier.

Harmonite's natural water proofing properties, and its adhesive characteristics make it ideal for brush, roll and spray applied underlayments.

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How does Harmonite make your product adhere better?

Like English muffins – lots of nooks and crannies – Harmonite provides significant surface area and sites to aid binding forces. That, and its asphaltene chemical properties, gives Harmonite superior binding properties.