Harmonite® can help your formulation bind, seal and adhere better

If you have a CASE (Coating, Adhesive, Sealant, Elastomer) formulation that relies on bitumen or modified bitumen as an ingredient, Harmonite can be a high-performance, economical additive different from any other. While Harmonite's enhanced adhesive and sealing properties make it ideal for so many CASE applications, it still helps maintain sufficient viscosity for easy 'spreadability', spraying and trowelling in coatings, mastics, sealers and fillers.

  • Adhesive applications
  • Sealant and coating applications

adhesivesAdhesive applications — How does Harmonite help your formulation 'stick' better than traditional additives and binders?

Harmonite contains roughly two to three times the resins and asphaltenes of other bitumens — these are the highly polar and high molecular weight fractions that exhibit polymeric behavior. The result: adhesive formulations with increased tack, stiffness and viscosity.

coating sealerSealant and coating applications

  • Harmonite’s natural water proofing properties and its adhesive characteristics make it ideal for brush, roll and spray applied coatings, fillers and sealers.
  • Harmonite’s performance as a binder improves durability and shortens cure time for seal coats.
  • Harmonite helps provide a better moisture/air barrier for rubber-based sealants and other coatings.

The asphaltene structure of Harmonite strengthens softer petroleum fractions, impacting typical surface asphalts, cut-back oils and binders by bonding to them and forming larger molecules faster. The same asphaltenes also help increase viscosity of fluids, making them harder and more resistant to deforming flow.

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